Rehabilitation is the legal process of restoring a persons status from insolvent to “normal”. This is only available for individuals. Companies that have been liquidated cannot be rehabilitated.

The process is a very simple one and if completed you will have a clean credit record to start building a good ITC profile again

We have been doing rehabiitation applications since 1999 all over South Africa

If you have any questions about Rehabilitation, please contact us.

How long after insolvency can I rehabilitate

The general rule is that you apply  5 years after your estate was surrendered. The Insolvency Act states that 4 years after the Master of the Court confirmed your Liquidation and Distribution account. This is true if your contribution was the minimum required (22c/R1)

If you contributed 50c/R1 you can apply for rehabilitation immidiately after the L&D account has been confirmed

You are automatically rehabilitated 10 years after your sequestration if you do not bring an application earlier

Process of rehabilitation

The process of rehabilitation is very simple.

Your intention to make an application is advertised in the Gazette and 8 weeks later (after we have collected some documents from the Master and the Curator), you are rehabilitated

Cost of rehabilitation

The cost of a rehabilitation is R12 000. It is a good idea to start saving for your rehabilitation while you are insolvent.

Payment options as follow:
1. Deposit of R 6000 – Balance 2 weeks before the court date R 6000. Total R12000

2. Deposit of R 2000 – R 1800 per month for 6 months Rehabilitation cost on option 2 Total R 12 800) or

3. Instalments R 2000 for 3 months (until R6000) – then we start with rehabilitation and client continue with R1200 for 6 months. (Total R 13 200)

4. Guardian fund money
In the case of when the Curator informed us of Guardian fund money available we
will claim R 12 000 from the outstanding amount.


you are welcome to look at the above options for payment thereof.

Please take note if you are making use of the instalment options and you do not comply with our arrangements we will load you as a “non-payer” on ITC.

Please contact us for further information.


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