Prevent property and vehicle repossession in south africa

Prevent property and vehicle repossession in south africa

Help with debt will assist all South African consumers with application for debt review and debt counselling in order to prevent property and vehicle repossession

If you are in arrears with your vehicle finance account or bond account,

    He bank will certainly institute legal action against you to repo their goods.

The vehicle and the property is always used as security for the loan and once the loans have been recalled the assets will be repossessed and seized to recover monies owed by you, the consumer to the credit provider (the bank)

With application for debt review we will be ablemto prevent repossession of vehicles and property in South Africa
Debt review and debt counselling will also reduce your monthly debt repayments without increasing your outstanding balance

Help with Debt is registered with the NCR and we operate all over South Africa

Please visit our website by clicking this link

Or email us here

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You can also add us on your Blackberry or just send an Sms with the word DC followed by your name and email address to 33903 and we will call you back


Stefan Fourie
073 053 7756


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