Good vs Bad debt counsellors

Good vs Bad debt counsellors

What is the difference between a good debt counsellor and a not so good debt counsellor.

Clients often don’t have a choice as to who they will use to do their debt counselling and debt review. Many clients think that it is needed to see only a debt counsellor in their area. This is not the case. You can consult with any debt counsellor about your application for debt review and debt counselling. Next question. How is this possible if my debt counsellor is in Johannesburg and I am in Cape Town. Easy answer. The internet and phone lines. With today’s technology and fast paced lifestyle the process of debt counselling and debt review can be done without the client and the counsellor ever having to meet face to face. We here at Help with debt, with our extended family of friendly consultants, always like to have a more personal experience with our clients.

Let’s get to the point.

How do you know which Debt counsellor to choose to handle your application for debt review and debt counselling?

Firstly you have to make sure that the said debt counsellor is registered in terms of the National Credit Act and with the National Credit regulator. This can be done by contacting the NCR or visiting their website.

You must then make sure that the debt counsellor who will be handling your application actually wants to handle the application rather then just handling the fee you have to pay him. This is absolutely crucial. This debt counsellor will be “in charge” of your debt repayments for a long as you allow him to be. If he is only after the fee, he will not ensure that your creditors get paid according to the restructured agreement. He might forget to remove a paid up creditor and allow you to pay that creditor more than he deserves. Altogether, this debt counsellor might forget about your file entirely. Where does that leave you? Right where you are now.

Why is Help with debt, debt counsellors different?

  • We provide a complete analysis of all your income and expenses to ensure that the amount you have to contribute to the Pda is the right one for you, not us
  • We ensure that we provide you with a good budget and help you to stick to that budget
  • We make sure that we look at your payments as they go through. This way we can keep track of all payments and “soon to be paid up” accounts.
  • We would like to help you understand the rights you have as a consumer and educate you in handling your finances better so that you don’t become trapped in debt again.
  • We want you to call us as much as you like to find out whatever you want.
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